Now offering delivery!!

Now offering delivery!!

Now offering delivery!!Now offering delivery!!Now offering delivery!!


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Healthy Meal Shakes and Energy Teas! Try a combo!!

Menu Prices

Basic Tea- $4

Level 10 Tea- $6

Healthy Meal Shake- $7

Basic Tea & Shake COMBO- $9

Level 10 Tea & Shake COMBO- $11



Delicious Healthy Meal Shakes

Delicious Healthy Meal Shakes

Delicious Healthy Meal Shakes

Also known as "Fast food for smart people" our shakes are a great meal while on-the-go. Each shake has 24 grams of plant based protein, 200-250 calories, fiber and vitamins/minerals. We have 49 delicious flavors to satisfy your taste buds!!



Delicious Healthy Meal Shakes

Delicious Healthy Meal Shakes

We serve amazing herbal and fruity teas to hydrate and energize you throughout your day. Enjoy it hot or cold. Try a Level 10 tea and thank us later!


Lifestyle NOT a Diet

Delicious Healthy Meal Shakes

Lifestyle NOT a Diet

Our mission is to make Lincoln healthier and happier through good nutrition. We help people reach their health goals with a simple yet proven plan. We believe in creating lifestyle change NOT crash dieting to reach your optimal weight. We teach people how to lose weight and feel great!  

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Look Good, Feel Good!

Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or have more energy contact us today for a FREE wellness profile!

What is a wellness profile? A body scan to determine your metabolic age, body fat %, muscle mass & more; so we can determine the best plan to help you reach your goals!

Nutrition Tavern

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